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File:College of the Church Missionary Society - Shepherd, Metropolitan Improvements (1828), p293.jpg

The College of the Church Missionary Society in Islington (London) – image via Wikimedia Commons (,_Metropolitan_Improvements_%281828%29,_p293.jpg)

The new Church Missionary Society Periodicals collection from digital resource provider Adam Matthew allows library users to browse archives of publications from the Church Missionary Society (CMS), the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society and latterly the South American Missionary Society covering the whole scope of their missionary activity from 1804 to 2009

Founded in 1799, the CMS’s first overseas mission was in Sierra Leone in 1804 and the Society gradually expanded its activities to serve in other African countries, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. The  scope of the collection allows users to examine the work of  Missions and missionaries in an historical context as well as the contemporary growth and influence of global Christianity.
Along with journals published by the Society, the resource also included the Register of Missionaries from 1804 to 1928, where biographical details of individuals and their families can be found, and pictorial works providing a visual record of the missionary encounter around the world.
SOAS Library members can access the resource from the following URL: from either on or off-campus 
Please note that the PDF download option is not available during the trial period
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