New database – HeinOnline’s World Treaty Library

By Bob Burns|August 20, 2015|History, Law, Politics and International Relations|0 comments

All SOAS staff & students now have access to HeinOnline’s World Treaty Library, providing full text of over 180,000 treaties dating from 1648 to the present day.

This collection brings together a number of Treaty Series into one fully searchable database, including:

  • Historical Treaty Index (1648-1919)
    • Contains all early treaties included in Clive Parry’s Consolidated Treaty Series
  • Martens’ Treaties (1761-1944)
  • Hein’s U.S. Treaty Index (1776-present)
  • Rohn’s World Treaty Index (1900-2000)
  • League of Nations Treaty Series (1920-1946)
  • United Nations Treaty Series (1948-present)

Also included are hundreds of related treaty publications, scholarly articles, and a bibliography of related publications.

Access on & off campus via HeinOnline through the  SOAS A-Z list of databases.

Once logged on to HeinOnline select World Treaty Library from the alphabetical list of collections.

More information available here

Please contact Bob Burns on with any questions or comments.

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