The Siddi people of India, a photographic exhibition (and gallery talks tonight, 22nd May)

By David Pearson|May 22, 2015|Africa, Anthropology and Sociology, South Asia|0 comments

On Belonging: Photographs of Indians of African Descent

National Portrait Gallery [NPG], 13 April – 31 August 2015, Room 33, Free, Open late Thursday & Friday

One of India’s leading contemporary photographers, Ketaki Sheth has a long-standing interest in questions of identity and representation. In her most recent project, shown here at the NPG, she features the Siddi, a people of African descent living in India. Ketaki has been working on this project since 2005.

Tonight [7pm & 8pm], the photographer talks about the work in her current display – click for details

The BBC has some of her images to view – here 

Numbering about 70,000, the Siddi live mainly in Gujarat and Karnataka with smaller populations in Bombay, Goa and Hyderabad. Mostly originating from East Africa, the majority of the Siddi’s ancestors migrated to India between the 16th and 19th centruries. They came as merchants, sailors, slaves, soldiers and traders.

If you wish to read further, SOAS Library has several books on the subject – click here


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