Comparative Mythology (new open-access e-journal)

By Mary Fisk|May 8, 2015|Anthropology and Sociology, Religions|0 comments

Comparative Mythology is a new open-access e-journal published by the International Association of Comparative Mythology (based at the Department of South Asian Studies, Harvard University) . Its aim is to  deal ” in comparative fashion, with the mythologies of all peoples and times.”

Click here to read the inaugural issue for 2015 


The Hero Who Releases the Waters and Defeats the Flood Dragon / Emily Lyle

Cyavana Helps Ashvins, Prometheus Helps Humans: A Myth About Sacrifice/ Nick Allen

The Defeat of the Great Bird in Myth and Royal Pageantry: A Mesoamerican Myth in a Comparative Perspective / Christopher Helmke & Jesper Nielsen

On the Religious Meaning of a Japanese Myth: The White Hare of Inaba / Klaus Antoni

The God Okuninushi and the Trifunctional System of the Indo-Europeans / Atsuhiko Yoshida

Click here to read more about the IACM and access abstracts of the annual conference proceedings

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