Digital photographic collection of Indian regional and tribal dancers added to SOAS Digital Library

By Farzana Whitfield|March 26, 2015|Art and Archaeology, History, South Asia|0 comments

George Blaker, who was born in India in 1912 and died in England in 2001, spent time in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Burma in the 1950’s-60’s. He took a large collection of beautiful photos of Indian classical and regional dance. Now with the help of George Blaker’s daughter, Jenny Blaker these pictures have been brought to life in high quality colour and added to the SOAS digital library!

The collection consists of:
1. Some photos of the Nepali-born dancer Bali Ram. There are approximately 25 photos of him in Kathakali costume, including with his Kathakali teacher Guru Gopinath.  There are many images of him doing Bharat Natyam: about 35 in one series, 20 in another, and 15 in another.

2.  Regional tribal dances: There are over 100 photos of various regional dancers from all over India, that appear to have been taken at an event in a stadium or similar, in Delhi. The photos also have accompanying notes that George Blaker made.

Please link to this digitial collection from here:


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