Datastream: not as hard as it looks, honest!

By Victoria Bird|March 18, 2015|Unknown|0 comments

Many students find DataStream a bit daunting when they start to use it, especially if they’ve never used such databases before. However, the good news is that there is a lot of help available online, and that once you’ve had a bit of practice, it becomes much easier to navigate and locate that vital information.

Here is the link to the DataStream Training Site. These helpful video guides will take you through the basics of using the database. You can also work through the Certification material for the database from this link- although this does take a fairly long time and the number of attempts you can have are limited.

You can also contact Victoria Bird, the Economics, Politics, Finance and Management Subject Librarian for assistance, as she is always very happy to help, and usually knows the answer to most simple questions (and will try and find out the answer if it’s a hard one!).

Don’t forget there are alternative databases, which may be better for you to find the information that you require, so do check the Library Data and Statistics webpage for these. You can access most of these off-campus, so there is a further advantage there.

One plea: please leave the terminal in the state in which you’d like to use it yourselves, as it is subject to pretty high-level usage and it can get a bit unpleasant. If you are the unfortunate person who finds it in a bad state, then do go and ask the IT Helpdesk for some cleaning wipes.

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