Two new resources for Jewish studies

By Mary Fisk|November 21, 2014|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica, Archival collections, History, Religions|0 comments

Ancient Jew Review (follow on Twitter at @ancientjew) is a web platform for the study of ancient Judaism containing “original pieces, surveys of the field, book reviews” and video content. It is edited by PhD students at Columbia and Yale

Recent content includes Ayyssa Gray’s retrospective on her first book A Talmud in exile and a podcast interview with Dr Richard Kalmin of the Jewish Theological Seminary on his recently published Migrating tales: the Talmud’s narratives in their historical context (University of California Press, 2014). This book has just been ordered for SOAS Library.

You can find A Talmud in exile in SOAS Library at QN296.12406 /964581. Click here to go to the Library catalogue


Compact Memory Judaica Portal Online is a collection within the digital library of the Goethe Universitat (Frankfurt-am-Main) and includes access to 110 Jewish German newspapers and journals published in Central Europe between 1806 and 1938.

Click here to go to the Compact Memory Judaica Portal

Topics include aspects of  religious, political, social, cultural and academic life among Central  European Jewry. Most of the titles are published in German, but there is a selection in Hebrew and Yiddish or with multilingual content.

  • Bikkure ha-‘ittim (Vienna): 1820-1832
  • Bleter far idisher demografye statistik un ekonomik .. (Berlin): 1923-1925
  • Hakedem ... (St. Petersburg): 1907-1909
  • Kokhve Yitshak (Vienna): 1845-1873
  • Luah erets Yis’rael (Jerusalem): 1895-1916
  • Luah (Frankfurt) : 1924-1927
  • Mim-mizrah u-min ma’arav (Berlin): 1893-1899
  • Rimmon (Berlin): 1922-1924
  • Stenographische protokolle der Verhandlungen der Zionisten Kongress (Vienna): 1897-1937
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