Try out Palgrave Connect: trial extended to 16th November

By Victoria Bird|October 9, 2014|Development Studies, Economics, Financial and Management Studies|0 comments

The Library is currently holding a free trial of Palgrave Connect until 16th November. We can now access 602 of Palgrave’s most recently published titles in Economics, Finance, Business and Management, including the Palgrave Pivot imprint.

The  acclaimed Economics & Finance Collections feature titles written by some of history’s foremost economists and modern day Nobel Prize winners, spanning some of the earliest ideas of economics and finance to how we tackle current issues.

Working with the world’s top business schools, management firms and organizations, Palgrave Macmillan’s Business & Management Collections have tapped into the leading business minds to help you keep up with the ever changing landscape.

You can browse the titles now using these hyperlinks:

Titles have:

  • No DRM: readers have the ability copy, paste and print without restrictions and the frustrations found with many other ebooks
  • Simultaneous print and online publication: all our new frontlist titles are added weekly
  • Unlimited concurrent access: multiple readers, both remotely and on site, can read our titles
  • Portability: by providing books in both PDF and EPUB format, readers can download titles to e-readers and mobile devices
  • ‘Send to Kindle’ option for all eBooks
Access on-campus or off-campus.
Find out more about Palgrave Connect.

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