The Camera Never Lies

By Victoria Bird|August 8, 2014|History, Information Literacy, Music, Media and Film Studies, Politics and International Relations|0 comments

The University of London is launching a MOOC (massive open online courses- see The Complete University Guide for a brief synopsis), titled The Camera Never Lies, which might be worth checking out over the summer. This short history course aims to provide:

“an introduction to use of images and other media as historical evidence in the twentieth century, issues of authenticity and manipulation, and the place of film and historical adoptions as public history” (course website)

The course is taught by Emmett Sullivan, who is the Senior Departmental Tutor in History at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Alternatively, if you are a student at SOAS who needs to evaluate any information source, you might find our Moodle site, Develop your information skills useful, as might this guide on Using Primary Sources from the ALA. If you have specific image-related enquiries, then you can also contact Jiyeon Wood, our Subject Librarian (Arts & Multi-Media).

Struggling to find copyright-cleared material for your work in the first place? Try this tutorial, The Internet for Image Searching for some tips on how to succeed.

Have you taken any MOOCs? Are you an academic at SOAS that’s contributing to a MOOC? Are they a valuable means to supplement your existing knowledge and advance your degree? Or an over-hyped distraction in the world of Higher Education? What do you think about them?!

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