Some updates on 2 open access journals on Hebraica & the Ancient Near East

By Mary Fisk|May 12, 2014|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica, Art and Archaeology, History, Linguistics, Literature|0 comments

Seferad: estudios hebraicos, sefardies y de Oriente Proximo is a Spanish journal, first published in 1941, on the history and culture of the Spanish Jewish community and the Sephardic diaspora, including Hebrew and Ladino language and literature.

Open access content is currently from 2001 to 2013. SOAS Library has print holdings from 1941 onward at Per 5 / 49429 (Level F)

Access is either via the Seferad website or AWOL (Ancient World Online) blog

Vicino Oriente  (an Italian journal on the history, archaeology and epigraphy of the Near and Middle East) now has open-access content from 1992 to 2013, plus A. Archi and F. Pompnio’s article Tavolette economiche neo-sumeriche dell’Università Pontificia Salesiana from Vol.8 (1) 1989.

SOAS Library has print holdings from Vols. 1-12 (1978-2000) at Per 107 / 428627 (Level F)

Again this is accessed either via the Vicino Oriente website or AWOL


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