Book Review: China’s War with Japan, 1937-1945: The Struggle for Survival / Mitter

By Mary Fisk|February 20, 2014|China and Inner Asia, History|0 comments

Rana Mitter’s most recent book China’s war with Japan, 1937 – 1945 : the struggle for survival (Allen Lane, 2013) is featured in the Institute of Historical Research’s latest Reviews in History

The reviewer is Dr Aaron Moore from the University of Manchester, who writes “This book …  is therefore one of the best contributions to our current understanding of the war, particularly at the level of elite political actors such as Chiang Kai-shek, Wang Jingwei, and Mao Zedong

SOAS Library has two copies of China’s war with Japan, 1937-1945 at CC951.0422 / 756211

Click here to go to the catalogue entry

The Library also has the following books by Rana Mitter

  • The Manchurian myth : nationalism, resistance, and collaboration in modern China (University of California Press, 2000) : CCP951.04 /815062
  • A bitter revolution : China’s struggle with the modern world / Rana Mitter (Oxford University Press, 2004): CC951.06 / 917879, 917098 & 958064
  • Ruptured histories : war, memory, and the post-Cold War in Asia (Harvard University Press, 2007): CF950.42 /967233
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