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By Victoria Bird|January 30, 2014|Economics, Financial and Management Studies|0 comments

Want to do something a bit special with your research data? Here are some suggestions of sites that allow you to map it- so you can have a pictorial representation, or cartogram.

An EDINA site, Cartogrammar contains resources (digital images etc), shared on a worldwide basis under the terms of a Creative Commons (CC) licence. You can also create your own cartograms.

Google Maps:, Google Maps Engine Lite:, and Google Fusion Tables:

With a Google maps account, you can import data, and even collaborate with others on the editing once you have created your map. It is possible to hide a map that you have created, so you don’t have to share your data with the world. You can do some pretty cool things- as in this example, but a lot of the time you need some coding ability. Google Fusion Tables is really handy too, as can be seen in these examples. This app is beloved of the Guardian journalists, who use it extensively on their website.

Another site that offers free mapping, this one allows you to retain your data on your computer, and also allows you to keep you map private. If you subscribe to the paid version, you can also password protect your map. This site using the Google Map software discussed above, but it makes it easier- you don;t have to do the coding that you might have to with Google itself. The free version limits you to 250 markers- the pro version goes to 15,000 markers.

Maptive is similar to BatchGeo, only mapping 1 location/second up to 2,500 total locations per map and 250 locations/day on 5 reusable maps. The subsrciption version is much less restrictive, but expensive.


Be Graphic:

Do be careful to ensure that you have permission of any rights holders of data that you utilise, as copyright applies to these resources too. Also, study the terms and conditions thoroughly of the site to ensure you are happy with the way your data may be re-used.

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