Need a break from reading during Reading Week?

By Victoria Bird|November 4, 2013|Economics, Financial and Management Studies, Politics and International Relations|0 comments

When you need a break from catching up on your reading this week, rather than going onto Facebook and then loosing focus (and time), why not try this instead?

Analysis is a short documentary series on Radio 4, which looks at “the ideas and forces which shape the world we live in”. Subjects covered in episodes include Economics, Global Politics, Political Islam and Business & Finance. Presenters include journalists, academics and writers.

Recent episodes of potential interest include Syria: Inside the OppositionQuantitative Easing: Miracle Cure or Dangerous Addiction? and Roberto Unger & Vulgar Keynesianism.

Photo of a vintage radio

Vacuum tube radio, Philco, model PT-44, front. By Armstrong1113149 (Own work) Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons"

Analysis is broadcast 26 times a year on Mondays at 8.30pm and is repeated on Sundays at 9.30pm. You can also catch up with 172 episodes through their website, or subscribe to their free weekly podcast. The programme also has a Twitter feed, allowing you to express your views on the issues raised.

Thanks to my colleague, David Pearson for sending me the details of these shows!

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