World Bank eLibrary Trial: Now Live!

By Victoria Bird|October 23, 2013|Development Studies, Economics, Financial and Management Studies, Politics and International Relations|0 comments

Apollo 11 Mission Image - Earth view over Central and North America

Apollo 11 Mission Image - Earth view over Central and North America, NASA

To celebrate the launch of a new platform, the World Bank eLibrary is being made available to us from 30th October 2013 until 31st December 2103. The access is free of charge and the only requirement from the World Bank is that a number of users will give feedback through a questionnaire when the access has concluded.

This database provides access to the complete collection of research and information from the World Bank (more than 9 000 + eBooks, reports, journals and working papers on international development and economics)

The platform incorporates timesaving tools and functionality also ensured immediate access to all information directly at the date of publication with no embargoes as well as access to historical material published from the early 1990’s. The service includes many options for searching, browsing and filtering information as well as tools and functionality to share, cite, download and export data in different formats. Also included are personalization options, bookmark tools, new content alerts and RSS-feeds for a convenient monitoring of areas of relevance.

World Bank are planning a short introductory webinar on Thursday 13 November at 1.30pm GMT, to introduce the service.

Access from here:

For more help in using the database, check out “Using eLibrary” where introductory and training material can be found:

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