India: Treasures of the Deccan Lecture Series

By Farzana Whitfield|October 1, 2013|Art and Archaeology, History, Religions, South Asia|0 comments

Picture courtesy of SOAS:

A cultural melting pot, the Deccan lies on the great plateau of south-central India where for centuries disparate styles have blended, from ancient Hindu and Buddhist to medieval Islamic; with ideas and motifs coming from traders from Persia, central Asia and Abyssinia.

These lectures by George Michell will span a period of 1000 years, and treat audiences to a fabulous visual tour of the region. They will appeal to academics, artists, architects, travellers and the culturally curious wishing to explore this vast nation in depth.

George Michell, renowned authority on Indian architecture and art, conducted much of his research over 20 years at sites in the Deccan.

Whilst the lectures are free and no booking is required, they are expected to be popular and people should arrive early to be assured seating. All the lectures will take place in the Brunei Gallery, SOAS.

For further details about each week’s lecture please click here:

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