SADAAC- Arts and Crafts of South Asia

By Farzana Whitfield|August 2, 2013|Art and Archaeology, South Asia|0 comments


Image taken from the SADAAC website

The South Asian Decorative Arts and Crafts Trust (SADAAC) in Norwich is a wonderful Aladdin’s cave of arts and crafts mainly from India and Pakistan while other collections cover Burma, Indonesia and Thailand. I fell complelety in love with this cultural trust!

Established in 2010, SADAAC forms part of the University of East Anglia through the Sainsbury Institute of Art. The collection includes, textiles, ethnographic items, paintings, woodwork and vernacular architecture. An assessment of the collection was made in 2011 by comparing it with other National, European and South Asian institutes/museums. It was revealed that SADAAC’S’ collection was unique in the UK.

Regualr exhibitions pertaining to South Asia and lecturers are presented. SAADAC’s continous work with the Sainsbury Institute of Art allows funding for postgraduate study and research to take place jointly through the University and the Museum.

To find out more about visiting please see the following link:

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