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File:Apkallu Nimrud.JPG

Apkallu, a winged genius with the head of a bird, from the palace of Ashurnasirpal II, Nimrud.

Image from Wikimedia Commons:

As a precursor to making all of its new publications available for free download, the British Institute for the Study of Iraq (BISI) has released a selected of volumes from its back catalogue on open-access (PDF download)

These currently are:

Series: Cuneiform Texts from Nimrud (click here to access the following titles)

  • Vol.1(1972): The Nimrud wine lists / J.V. Kinnier-Wilson
  • Vol.2 (1973): The Governor’s palace archive / J.N. Postgate
  • Vol.3 (1984): The tablets from Fort Shalmanser / S. Dalley & J.N. Postgate
  • Vol.4 (1996): Literary texts from the Temple of Nabu / D.J. Wiseman & J.N. Postgate
  • Vol.6 (2001): The Nimrud letters, 1952 / H.W.F. Saggs
You will need to browse down the list to find the links to titles currently available as PDFs
  • The Old Babylonian tablets from Tell al Rimah (1976) / S.M. Dalley, C.B.F. Walker & J.D. Hawkins
  • Fifty years of Mesopotamian discovery: the work of the British School of Archaeology in Iraq, 1932-1982 (1982) / J. Curtis (editor)
  • The Middle Babylonian legal and economic texts from Ur (1982) / O.R. Gurney
  • Nimrud: an Assyrian imperial city revealed (2001) / David & Joan Oates
  • Your praise is sweet: a memorial volume for Jeremy Black from students, colleagues and friends (2011) / Heather D. Baker, Eleanor Robson & Gabor Zolyomi (editors)
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