Homonationalism and Pinkwashing Conference – live streaming starts today

By David Pearson|April 10, 2013|Gender|0 comments

If you are not already in New York attending the Homonationalism and Pinkwashing Conference, you may be interested to know that the organisers, The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies are streaming the various sessions and keynote speeches. These will also be podcast later.

As well as the obvious relevance to those of you studying gender and sexuality, this conference has significant content relating to the SOAS regions and its other subjects, notably Iran, Africa, Israel, Palestine, India, Taiwan, Turkey, Malaysia, Arabs, and postcolonialism.

Just a few of the sessions that might interest:

  • Opening Keynotes : Rabih Alameddine & Haneen Maikey
  • Towards a Queer Politics on the Islamic Republic. Alex Shams
  • Aiding Israel: How The Iranian Media Bolsters Israeli Pinkwashing. Ana Ghoreishian
  • Queer Arab Organizing, Bashar Makhay
  • Figuring Transgender Liberation and Gender Fundamentalism in Homonationalist Times. Trish Saleh
  • Homonationalism/Ethnicity: on Zionists’ Self-Production As A Liberal and Critical Society by Creating the Arab-Jews (Mizrahi) as Others. Yossi David
  • The ‘Other-ings’ of Zionism and Apartheid: Reflections on Growing Up Gay and Jewish in Apartheid South Africa. Mark Gevisser
  • Europe in Translation : Queer Nationalisms, Strategic Alliances and the Postcolonial Condition. Leticia Sabsay
  • Sheer Conformity? Female Queer Identity Formation and Homonationalism in Transnational Taiwan. Yu-Ying Hu
  • Queering The Nation? The Ban of “Seksualiti Merdeka” in Malaysia. Yuenmei Wong
  • Inder Salim’s “Occupy. Fall.”: Discussing The Jammu-Kashmir Conflict in Queer Bangalore. Kareem Khubchandani
  • South Asian Queer Politics and the Rise of Homohinduism. Santhosh Chandrashekar
  • Closing Keynote : Jasbir Puar [Her book Terrorist assemblages : homonationalism in queer times is available at SOAS Library]

Find out about the conference (and definitions of both homonationalism and pinkwashing) here.

Conference schedule page and PDF.  New York is 5 hours behind London so the first sessions start at 2:30pm our time.  This time convertor might prove useful.

For details of live streaming and the later podcasts click here.

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