Introducing “Faiz-e-Zabaan” for lovers of Urdu Literature and Language

By Farzana Whitfield|March 13, 2013|Linguistics, Literature, South Asia|0 comments

Faiz-e-Zabaan is a project focusing on Urdu literature and language (inscribed in homage to one of South Asia’s most famous Urdu poets, scholar and left-wing activists- Faiz Ahmad Faiz). The inititiative for using ‘Faiz’ which means grace aims at sharing this grace of language with students and scholars of Urdu.

One of the main and ongoing projects is called the “Media Catalogue”. The project looks for Urdu language and literature related news/articles/columns from around the world and catalogues it daily. Whatever this project collects in a day is then delivered for free to subscribers in a daily newsletter called “Shab-naamah”, which is made available every night. This Shab-naamah can be subscribed via email, as well as viewed online and on Facebook.

For those who want to keep updated with what is going on in the world of Urdu language and literature, you will find “Shab-naamah” very helpful. They are also currently looking for contributors to write for the Lughat project. More information is available on the website, including contact details.

Here are the links:


Facebook (do “like” us):


To subscribe to Shab-naamah via email:

Today’s Shab-naamah:

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