Veteran American writer Herman Wouk takes on Moses

By Mary Fisk|January 4, 2013|Ancient Near East, Semitics and Judaica, Literature|0 comments

At the age of 97, the veteran American writer, Herman Wouk, has just published The Lawgiver – a “postmodern epistolary novel” (according to the Jewish Review of Books) following the efforts of tycoon Louis Gluck, lapsed Hasid, Margot Solovei, and a writer named “Herman Wouk” to script and produce a film about the life of the Biblical Moses

Read the  Jewish Review of Books article, which discusses the novel, Wouk’s life and work and how The Lawgiver fits into the genre of the “Jewish Hollywood novel”

The novel is also discussed in Forward (The Jewish Daily). This article also examines Wouk’s writing career and other fictional treatments of Moses

If you would like to sample The Lawgiver – the novel is available in SOAS Library at

QO823 / 742418

Click here to go to the Library catalogue


File:Foster Bible Pictures 0009-1.jpg

Moses breaks the Tablets if the Law (Bible pictures with brief descriptions, by Charles Foster (Philadelphia, 1897)

Image from Wikimedia:





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