A Pictorial Story of a Tamil Community in North London

By Farzana Whitfield|January 4, 2013|Anthropology and Sociology, Art and Archaeology, South Asia|0 comments

Chiara Contrino has worked closely with the Hindu Sri Lankan Tamil communities in North London since 2006 to produce an exhibition that documents aspects of their culture and religious rituals, and to explore their significance for the participants.

According to an old Tamil proverb, there cannot be a place called home without a Temple. Wherever in the world a Tamil community establishes itself, statues of the Gods will follow the émigrés in a similar journey from the homeland and will be installed in a Temple as a permanent residence, through complex ritual ceremonies. There are 35 of these Temples in Greater London.

The exhibition runs at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS from 18 January until 23 March 2013. For further particulars on this exhibition and for details of others, please click here: http://www.soas.ac.uk/gallery/sacredlondon/

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