Chindia- New e- book on China and India as Superpowers

By Farzana Whitfield|January 3, 2013|China and Inner Asia, Politics and International Relations, South Asia|0 comments

If you have wondered about where China and India is heading and how it might impact you more than it has already done, then this book  titled: Chindia Alert: Forewarned is Forearmed is for you. It aims to inform and alert you to the threat and opportunities that China and India pose. It is based on extensive and intensive research.

There is not only huge interest in China and India, but there is an over abundance of information. You can hardly open a newspaper without at least one article on China or India. However, as we know, having lots of information available does not necessarily make one any wiser. 

This book attempts to make the information more meaningful by putting some order and structure to the information. Due to the eclectic nature of the content, the book may be of interest and use to anyone interested in the evolution of global economics and politics.

For further information and access to the book via Amazon, including the kindle version then please view the following link:

 Image provided by: Zhang Chiahou via Amazon link

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