Islam and Print in South Asia Workshop at the British Library – Part One

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Alia Carter

The Two Centuries of Indian Print project is proud to host a two part workshop being held at the British Library on “Islam and Print in South Asia”.

Part one of this two part workshop will be on Friday 28th September.

The emergence of print in South Asia has been understood as a transformative moment for Islam in the Subcontinent, heralding a period of revival and reform from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. According to historians such as Francis Robinson, Barbara Metcalfe, Brannon Ingram and others, the introduction of print in the early eighteenth century enlarged and popularised the discursive space of religious authority and encouraged a more local and spatial understanding of religious identity.

However, the discussions on Islam and print in South Asia to date have focused predominantly on Urdu printed texts, on matters of Islamic jurisprudence, ‘ulama or elite individuals and groups, and Islam’s relationship to Hinduism, colonialism and nationalism.

Both workshops will widen the scope of earlier scholarship to focus on texts on a range of matters, in different vernaculars, not limited to, but including: Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Dobhashi (Bangla Musulmani), Muslim Mapilla, Sindhi and Pashto.

The panels for the first workshop on Friday 28th September will be on:

  • Arabic printing in India, translation, and the transregional reach of print between the Middle East and South Asia;
  • Print and Multilingual religious expression in South Asian Islam;
  • Interactions between the Persianate and the vernacular in print;
  • Print and Performance: Theatre and Music in 19th century print culture.

The full programme and abstracts can be found here and here.

The workshops will be held at the British Library in the Dickens Room, Knowledge Centre.

To book a place on the 28th Sept workshop, please register on Eventbrite:

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