Prof. Robert Lensink awarded a Royal Decoration

By Ayse|April 29, 2018|News|0 comments

Congratulations to Prof. Robert Lensink on receiving a Royal Decoration – Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau for his work related to developing countries, in particular Africa.

Prof. Robert Lensink is our CGF research partner on the ESRC Inclusive Finance Project. He is Professor of Finance and Financial Markets at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Groningen (80%) and Professor of Finance and Development in the Development Economics Group at Wageningen University and Research (20%). He is universally recognized as an eminent researcher, an inspiring mentor and colleague and an impassioned lecturer with a strong preference for and tireless commitment to Africa and the economy of the developing world in general. It is with utter dedication that he devotes his considerable talents to a range of academic projects, partnerships and initiatives. This applies both to the numerous academic publications to his name and to securing external funds for academic research. Recurring themes in his research are the organization and evaluation of microfinance, entrepreneurship, transparency, poverty, costs, income inequality and economic growth.

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