The research conducted by Judith Tyson indicates that:

By Ayse|January 3, 2018|Updates on the Research|0 comments

– New data of finance by country and sector for sub-Saharan Africa  from 2006 to 2015 shows the very heavy concentration to a very few countries and sectors and their lack of correlation to the needs of inclusive growth. Nigeria alone received 45% of all finance and MICs received 67% of all finance. By contrast LDCs received only 33% and many LDCs receiving negligible or no finance.

– Extractive  and short-term trade received 58% of all finance but make little contribution to the increases in productivity or employment that are needed for economic transformation. By contrast, the sectors most important to economic transformation – manufacturing, agriculture and infrastructure– received only 26% of finance. Further, for infrastructure, although it received 12% of flows, these were heavily concentrated in telecoms with much lower flows for other important sectors including power and water.

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