Global Health: On the Racial Immunologics of Humanitarian Organizations

By Malak Sherif|April 12, 2022|Seminar Series|0 comments

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‘Global Health: On the Racial Immunologics of Humanitarian Organizations’ is the second seminar of our 2021/22 series. The session included a discussion with Adia Benton, who expands on a theory of racial immunologics introduced in her essay, “Racial immunologics and the Ebola Response in West Africa,” to further elaborate the institutionalization of spatial and racial dimensions of humanitarian risk. The seminar was followed by a Q&A from attendees.

Speaker: Adia Benton, Associate Professor of Anthropology and African Studies at Northwestern University, where she is affiliated with the Science in Human Culture Program.

Chair: Althea-Maria Rivas, Senior Lecturer, Development Studies, SOAS

Discussants: Malak Sherif, MSc Humanitarianism, Aid and Conflict and Romane Bloch, MSc Humanitarianism, Aid and Conflict 

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