Re-envisioning Global Humanitarian Response

By Maegan Rodricks|May 31, 2020|Seminar Series|0 comments

‘Re-envisioning Global Humanitarian Response, is the last webinar in our 2019/2020 series. The speakers explore key and emerging humanitarian challenges. Including the impact of Covid-19 and considering what shifts in discourse and practice, approaches to innovation, accountability, and power relationships might be necessary to address situations of crisis, conflict, and disaster in the future. Panellists will reflect upon and challenge conventional thinking and the ways in which we understand humanitarianism, humanitarian priorities, actors, and principles.

Panel: Dr. Sarah Njeri, Research Associate, African Leadership Centre, Kings College London, Professor Laura Hammond, Professor of Development Studies, SOAS, Samir Elhawary, Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator and Head of Office (Venezuela), UN-OCHA, Lars Peter Nissen, Director, ACAPS, Geneva and Visiting Professor at the University of Copenhagen and Marc DuBois, Senior Fellow, SOAS, Freelance Consultant and former Executive Director of MSF-UK

Chair: Dr. Althea-Maria Rivas, Lecturer, Development Studies, SOAS

(Click image to access recording)

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