Humanitarian Hub Podcast – Season 1 Episode 3

By Jake Tacchi|July 16, 2019|Podcast|0 comments

In the third episode of the SOAS Humanitarian Hub Podcast, Jake Tacchi talks with SOAS’s Professor Steve Hopgood about his latest article: ‘When the Music Stops, Humanitarianism in a Post Liberal World Order’.

Amidst a shifting away from a liberal world order, most notably exemplified by the rise of China over the last 30 years, Professor Hopgood argues that humanitarianism and human rights as we know them are likely to suffer. He argues that, because such concepts are underpinned by the values of Western Liberalism, they will hold less dominance in the international sphere. As we move away from a Western-dominated global environment, the foundations of humanitarianism and human rights will be shaken to the core as we face a greater focus on state sovereignty, and not individual rights.

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For more information about SOAS’s new MSc programme: Humanitarian Action (Online) visit:…an-action-online/

Do check out Professor Hopgood’s highly relevant article at:…icle-p4.xml

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