Ellen Goodwin: Engaging with Local Religious Actors in Humanitarian Contexts

By Tayba Ahmed|July 10, 2019|News & Research|0 comments

In this video Ellen Goodwin discusses elements of her PhD research at SOAS, where she explores  the role of inter-religious action in humanitarian interventions. She highlights the historical role that religious actors have played in humanitarian interventions and more broadly the developmental sector by addressing two fundamental questions:

  1. Is humanitarianism beginning to engage with religion more closely?
  2. What has caused this shift to greater engagement with religion?

To hear Ellen’s responses to these questions, hit the play button to find out why it is integral to engage with local religious actors in humanitarian contexts.

Ellen will be appearing on the Humanitarian Hub Podcast to talk in more detail about her PhD research.

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For more information about SOAS’s new MSc programme: Humanitarian Action (Online) visit: https://www.soas.ac.uk/development/programmes/msc-humanitarian-action-online/

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