Humanitarian Hub Podcast – Season 1 Episode 2

By Jake Tacchi|July 9, 2019|Podcast|0 comments

The second episode of the Humanitarian Hub Podcast, is now live!

In this episode of the SOAS Humanitarian Hub Podcast, Jake Tacchi talks with Amy Joce, a 3rd year undergraduate student at SOAS. Amy, who was studying Development Studies, has just completed a dissertation exploring sexual exploitation within humanitarian settings.

In the backdrop of the #metoo movement, alongside highly publicised scandals, such as those including Oxfam, Amy has provided a relevant and topical piece of research that looks to better understand the role of the humanitarian. We discuss the requirement for greater awareness of the inherent power dynamics at play in complex humanitarian environments, and the need for all organisations to create systems that are able to prevent abuses.

For a more concise summary of Amy’s work, see our earlier blog post which includes a short video summary of this work.

Our podcast is now also available on iTunes!

This episode was recorded in the SOAS Radio Studio.

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