Humanitarian Hub Podcast – Season 1 Episode 1

By Jake Tacchi|July 2, 2019|Podcast|0 comments


The first episode of the Humanitarian Hub Podcast, is now live!

In this podcast, Jake Tacchi speaks with Dr. Suda Perera about her recent article: ‘To Boldly Know: Knowledge, Peacekeeping and Remote Data-Gathering in Conflict Affected States’, alongside her work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) more broadly.

The interview gave a chance to explore more deeply the ideas and issues raised in an earlier blog post. In particular discussing the issues that new remote data-gathering technologies can create for both researchers and humanitarians working in complex environments.

This episode was recorded in the SOAS Radio Studio.


Dr Perera’s article is available online at:


For more information about SOAS’s new MSc programme: Humanitarian Action (Online) visit:


Dr Perera’s new podcast: We Need to Talk About Dev, is also available now:

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