What Happens ‘When the Music Stops?’ – Professor Stephen Hopgood

By Jake Tacchi|June 21, 2019|News & Research|0 comments

In this video, Dr Stephen Hopgood, Professor of International Relations at SOAS, discusses his latest article: ‘When the Music Stops: Humanitarianism in a Post-Liberal World Order’.

Professor Hopgood, who’s work covers human rights activists and humanitarian actors in the contemporary world system, explores how the position of such individuals, and the organisations they work for, are likely to change as we witness a growing shift from liberal world order and a constantly adapting geopolitical milieu.

He asks how can humanitarianism continue to function in a world without liberal institutions at its centre? And what will happen to humanitarians in a world less hospitable to international humanitarian norms that have remained in place for seventy years?

In particular the article focuses on the rise of China as a global power, and how a potential rewriting of global rule books is likely to impact those on the ground in complex humanitarian environments.

This insightful and extremely relevant article is available online at: https://www.manchesteropenhive.com/view/journals/jha/1/1/article-p4.xml

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