Amy Joce on Sexual Exploitation in the Humanitarian Sector

By Jake Tacchi|June 20, 2019|News & Research|0 comments

Amy, a final year undergraduate student, begins our “student voices series” by talking to us about her dissertation on the #MeToo movement in NGOs. She discusses how this movement involving women who endured sexual abuse and assault in Hollywood gained traction globally and eventually seeped its way through the inner-workings of international humanitarian organisations. In particular, she highlights the role of NGOs, such as Oxfam, in its complicity in the sexual exploitation of women in overseas humanitarian-response missions. Amy, in a snapshot captures pertinent themes that the development sector continues to grapple with such as: the preconceived benevolence of those working in the humanitarian sector, the inherent power-dynamics at play in NGOs, as well as, questions of agency, and women’s empowerment.

Amy will be appearing on the Humanitarian Hub Podcast, talking about her research in more detail.

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