The SOAS Humanitarian Hub

By Tayba Ahmed|June 17, 2019|Uncategorized|0 comments

The SOAS Humanitarian Hub is the university’s forum for research, collaboration and information on contemporary developments within the humanitarian sector. This project has been established to provide a platform to bring together a cohort of people from around the world by enabling them to engage critically with the history, politics and practice of humanitarian action.

At its epicentre, the Humanitarian Hub challenges mainstream conceptions of humanitarian action, aid, and development by framing debates and discussions through a decolonial lens. Some of the key questions and themes it explores are: How and where is humanitarian aid given, and how does it interact with the political and military complexities of emergency contexts? How have critiques of humanitarian aid, including from recipients, impacted on humanitarian action? How does South-to-South assistance in emergencies change, challenge, or complement the concepts and practice of humanitarianism?

The Humanitarian Hub has been developed to meet the needs of people working, or hoping to work in international agencies, humanitarian organisations, and NGOs.

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To find out more about the Msc Humanitarian Action visit:

To be in contact with the group please email Dr Althea-Maria Rivas at

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