Our Work – Activism, Art, Research – A blog on Kashmiri Half Widows by MA Student Niharika Pandit

By Akanksha Mehta|April 16, 2016|Activism, Creative Projects, MA Students, Our Work, Teaching|0 comments

CGS MA student, Niharika Pandit, has put together a project for her Gender, Armed Conflict, and International Law module. The project, on the topic of half widows in Kashmir, is in the form of a live blog with sections arranged like that of an essay. However, it will be more interactive, beginning conversations on research, art, methods, and activism. Visit the project here.  About this project This blog is an attempt to

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Our Work – Awards – PhD Candidate Akanksha Mehta wins the third place in the Rachel Tanur Memorial Prize for Visual Sociology

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PhD candidate Akanksha Mehta won the third prize in the Rachel Tanur Memorial Prize for Visual Sociology awarded by Social Science Research Council (USA). The prize is given to students who incorporate visual analyses in the social sciences. She will be collecting her prize at the International Sociology Association’s Annual Conference in Vienna. Here entry can be accessed here.  Between Home and Away – An Everyday Narrative of Migrant Communities in London [2016: Third

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Our Work – Interview/Conversation with Paniz Musawi Natanzi

By Akanksha Mehta|April 2, 2016|Creative Projects, Interviews/Conversations, Our Work, PhD Students|0 comments

In April 2016, PhD candidate Paniz Musawi Natanzi’s conversation on Art and Geopolitics was published in HAYP Pop Art Gallery Website based in Yerevan, Armenia, http://haypopup.com/2016/04/02/art-geopolitics-a-conversation-with-paniz-musawi-natanzi/ ART & GEOPOLITICS: A CONVERSATION WITH PANIZ MUSAWI April 2, 2016 by Gabriel Ouzounian HAYP’s newest exhibit Lips of Pride is coming up quickly, and our special guest speakers are starting to arrive. One of our most exciting visitors is Paniz Musawi Natanzi, a Researcher who

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Our Work – Lecture by PhD Candidate Paniz Musawi Natanzi

By Akanksha Mehta|February 29, 2016|Creative Projects, Lectures/Talks/Conferences, Our Work, PhD Students|0 comments

In February 2016, PhD student Paniz Musawi Natanzi, spoke at the Ab-Anbar Art Gallery in Tehran, Iran, on The Gendering Power of Disney from a Postcolonial Feminist Perspective: Deconstructing Gender Roles and Relations from Snow White to Robin Hood. Find the event on Facebook here –  https://www.facebook.com/events/914048845330900/