GenderX: Transnational and Decolonial Perspectives on and beyond the Gender Binary

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The Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS invites you to

GenderX: Transnational and Decolonial Perspectives on and beyond the Gender Binary.

GenderX is located in transdisciplinary gender studies and focuses on the question of how the very category of ‘gender’ is constructed in different contexts and over time. GenderX brings together transnational feminist approaches, queer and trans studies that question gender binaries and decolonial theory that investigate the role of racism and colonialism for the emergence of ‘gender’. Based on investigating and achieving new crossovers of these interdisciplinary fields, the conference especially engages with criticising gender as a colonial project and aims to provide both a postcolonial/decolonial critique of gendered norms and seeks for complex interdisciplinary theoretisations that reject re-essentialising ideas of pre-colonial gender-free authenticity and identity.

Full programme of panels and a link for registration will be published soon. Confirmed participants include Zethu Matebeni, Aniruddha Dutta, Sita Balani, Eliza Steinbock, Campbell X, Zenab Ahmed, Emma Spruce, Jacob Breslow, Rahul Rao, Nydia Swaby and Alyosxa Tudor.

The event is free, wheelchair accessible and open to all; however, registration via Eventbrite is necessary (Eventbrite link can be accesed here)

If you have any question, please send an email to

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