Our Work – Lectures/Talks by Professor Nadje Al-Ali

By Akanksha Mehta|March 17, 2016|Faculty, Lectures/Talks/Conferences, Our Work|0 comments

On 12 March, 2016, Professor Nadje Al-Ali gave a talk on academic freedom at the Turkish-Kurdish Daymer community centre in Haringey, London.

On March 3, 2016,  Professor Nadje Al-Ali  gave a talk at the University of Kent on Feminism and the New Iraq: Between Imperialism and Religious Fundamentalism.’ Find out more here. 

On March 4, 2016,  Professor Nadje Al-Ali gave a talk titled “Women for Peace: Kurdish and Turkish women’s rights activists and academics struggling against war and authoritarianism” as part of the Bloomsbury Gender Network’s seminar on “Alliances for change; Advancing feminist Interests?”

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