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Call for Papers


“Queer” Asia


Diversity, Contestations and Developments


In the context of the various developments affecting non-normative persons such as de/re-criminalisation/ increased public awareness (positive or negative)/ Resistances to queer/ aspects of technology to name a few. Several questions about “Queer” in Asia emerge.


What is Queer in Asia? What are the different ways in which one can be or perform queer in Asia? How do trans-national flows inform Queer identities and/ or Queerness? How is Queer represented? What are the resistances/ adaptations/ problematizations of Queer in Asia?


“Queer theory” originates in a Western milieu but has been re-interpreted, performed and adapted in Asia in multiple ways. In the spirit of representing the diversity of disciplines and interests at SOAS this two-day conference would be a wonderful opportunity to foster a space of dialogue that is intertextual, international and intermedia.


We would like to invite all queer/gender related scholars working on facets of “queerness” in Asia to submit an abstract on any of these or related areas. Papers could address but are not limited to the following sub-themes:

  • Definitions, labels and stereotypes/ translation or transplantation of Queer.
  • Representations and/or performances
  • Civil rights/ human rights – marriage, family, anti-discrimination laws
  • Colonial legacies and local histories/ voices.
  • Migrations and diasporas/ refugees
  • Queer Activism in Asia
  • Technology
  • Texts and film
  • Social Media, New Media and Intermedia


The 2 day event will culminate in a day of screenings/ talks/ discussions and workshops.


Proposal Guidelines:

Paper proposals should include a title, 300-word abstract, institutional affiliation and contact information. Please submit proposals via email at the following address: queerasia2016@gmail.com by 26th Feb 2016.


Conference dates: 10th June 2016 (Conference) – 11th June 2016 (Screenings and Workshops)


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