Event – Film Screening – A Question for Dad (Pertanyaan untuk Bapak)

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Film Screening: A Question for Dad (Pertanyaan untuk Bapak)

22 October 2015


This film is screened with the kind support of Kalyana Shira Film Foundation.

Julia Suryakusuma in conversation with filmaker Yatna Pelangi
This 40 minute film is part of a trilogy of films that focus on family secrets. It was filmed and produced in early 2015 under the banner Project Change, which is under the auspices of the Kalyana Shira Foundation based in Jakarta.
As the producer Nia Dinata noted ‘These young directors really have the courage to tell very personal stories. They used to be afraid to tell their stories. It’s a challenge for filmmakers, especially new ones, to arrange the most personal stories into film. Keeping secrets is carrying mental baggage. You get sick after a while. In story development stage, we have to be patient and sensitive in the writing process to avoid being judgmental. Luckily a mentor team was involved as a professional supporters, Lucky Kuswandi, Sammaria Simanjuntak and Ucu Agustin. Together we emphasize the importance of making honest film as some sort of therapy for the filmmakers. After the film production completed, all these young directors felt relieved and liberated. As producer and mentor of course we felt happy’.



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