Publication of the First Two Books Written in Pesh

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Claudine Chamoreau, one of our ELDP grantees has edited and published the first two books written in Pesh with translations into Spanish, French, and English (at the end of each book). There is also an audiovisual version available for both books; the first publication is now available. Funders for the books and the documentary were: Centre d’Etudes Mexicaines et Centraméricaines (CEMCA), Laboratory of Excellence – Empirical Foundations of Linguistics (LABEX-EFL) and the

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Stories and Songs from Kagate – illustrated picture book

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  This book is an illustrated collection of stories from the documentation of Syuba (Tibetic, Nepal). The illustrations were made by Ng Xiao Yan as part of an ongoing project at NTU Singapore to connect students in the School of Art, Design and Media with people working on language documentation. The illustrations are beautiful, I’m still in awe of how well she captured features of Syuba life. From the introduction:

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The Mawng Ngaralk Mawng Language Website

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Ruth Singer is an ELDP grantee who works with the languages Mawng, Kunbarlang and Kunwinjku (a variety of Bininj Kunwok). Her website, Mawng Ngaralk Mawng Language, shares documentation of the Mawng, Kunwinjku and Kunbarlang languages in the form of teaching materials, traditional stories, historical narratives, songs, and a Mawng dictionary. This website was initially funded by an Indigenous Languages Support grant from the Australian Government in 2014, and designed by Ruth and Marion

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Launch of the Mehri Center for Research and Studies

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The Mehri Center for Research and Studies was officially launched on October 2nd, 2017 in al-Ghaidhah. It was first conceived by a group of Mehri speakers in eastern Yemen in 2016. This event was the first occasion for people from outside the Center’s committee to learn about plans for the Center. Over 100 people from Yemen and Oman attended the launch. The event included several examples of the performance of

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Project Profile: Simon Tabuni on Western Lani

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Today on the ELAR Blog, new SOAS MA Language Documentation and Description student Simon Tabuni is talking about his prior work at the Center for Endangered Languages Documentation (CELD) in Manokwari on the Western Lani language.  Can you give us some background on the language ecology in your area? According to SIL, there are “more than 250 languages in West Papua” and they are basically classified into two major groups – Austronesia and Non-Austronesia/Papua.

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ELAR Autumn Recap

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What a busy autumn we’re having at ELAR! We started September with our anual training for ELDP grantees here in London. We had the opportunity to meet a wide range of excellent researchers from all around the world. Some of them had received ELDP grants to carry out fieldwork for their PhDs, while others are already experienced researchers wanting to deepen their knowledge in the latest tools for language documentation.

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Guardianes de la Lengua: Documentary Series on Latin America’s Endangered Languages

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Today on the ELAR blog, ELDP grantee Santiago Durante shares on a documentary series about endangered languages which he has been working on for Argentinean public cultural television channel, Canal Encuentro.  Please tell us a bit about the documentary series. This documentary series is called Guardianes de la Lengua (guardians of the languages), and it is about Latin America’s endangered languages. It consists of eight episodes, one per language: Chana

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Community Member Bio: Daria Ivanovna Nadeina, Galina Ivanova Kandakova, Alexandra Egorovna Truba & Antonina Vasil’evna Kazarova

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Today on the ELAR blog, Natalia Aralova and Brigitte Pakendorf intervew four of their consultants in the Far East of the Russian Federation. Natalia and Brigitte’s documentation project is Documentation of Negidal, a nearly extinct Northern Tungusic language of the Lower Amur. We interviewed four of our Negidal speakers individually, and then compiled their answers to each question and translated the responses into English. Daria Ivanovna Nadeina (DIN) was born

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European Day of Languages at SOAS

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Come and celebrate European Day of Languages with the SOAS World Language Institute on Tuesday, September 26th, between 4pm and 8pm at Senate House (SOAS). Following the success of the European Year of Languages in 2001, the Council of Europe declared a European Day of Languages to be celebrated on the 26th of September every year. This occasion aims to celebrate the linguistic diversity of Europe, to raise awareness of European minority

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Community Member Bio: Elisha Yunana

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This week on the ELAR blog, ELDP grantee and ELAR depositor Mirjam Möller interviews community member Elisha Yunana. Mirjam and Elisha work together on a documentation project on Baa, an Adamawa language of Nigeria. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your language? My name is Elisha Yunana. I’m married, and have two children, and live with my family in Lagos. I was born and brought up in Gyakan in

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