Project Highlight: Documentation of Sri Lanka Portuguese

By ELAR Archive|April 6, 2018|ELDP Project Highlight|0 comments

Today on the ELAR blog, we are featuring an ELDP project highlight from one of our grantees, Hugo Cardoso, who is researching the creole language Sri Lanka Portuguese (also known as Sri Lanka Creole Portuguese or Burgher Portuguese). Impact on Community/Speakers: One of the characteristics of this project is that it combines language documentation with ethnomusicological research – for reasons that have to do with the community’s contributions to overall

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Advice to New Fieldworkers

By ELAR Archive|March 26, 2018|Linguistic Fieldwork|0 comments

Today on the ELAR blog, nine experienced fieldworkers share what they wish they had known before going into the field. Each fieldworker’s advice is (of course) shaped by their own experiences and field sites. Involve young community members in the documentation process from the beginning of your project, or, as soon as possible. -Alex Garcia (Northern Alta in the Philippines) I wish I had had all the vaccines against common

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Sociolinguistic Survey of Ersu

By ELAR Archive|March 13, 2018|ELDP Special Event/Output|0 comments

Katia Chirkova and Wang Dehe, two ELDP grantees, have conducted – in collaboration with James N. Stanford of Dartmouth College – a sociolinguistic survey of the Ersu language, aimed at investigating consonantal variation in this language. The survey was part of the “Comparative and Cross-Varietal Documentation of Highly Endangered Languages of South-West China” (MDP 0257) project, which was funded by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) and lasted from 2013

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A Mehri ebook: ‘Selim and the Dom-Fruit’

By ELAR Archive|March 2, 2018|ELDP Special Event/Output|4 comments

Today on the ELAR blog, we are featuring the newly-released eBook ‘Selim and the Dom-Fruit’. The ebook is in Mehri, as spoken by Bayt Qhoor, a sub-tribe of Bayt Thuwar in Central Oman. The book was made in Salalah. It was first written by Abdullah al-Mahri and Janet Watson in October 2017, and completed with photographs in 2018. Abdullah produced the voice over. Janet, an ELDP grantee, is here on

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Speak SOAS Language Exchange App

By ELAR Archive|February 23, 2018|ELDP Special Event/Output|0 comments

This week at ELAR, we celebrated International Mother Language day on February 21st! On the same day, SOAS World Languages Institute launched it’s long awaited language-exchange app for Android, Speak SOAS. SOAS is home to over 100 languages, so this app is perfect for SOASians looking to learn both large and small languages. This app allows SOASians to find language exchange buddies within the university. Users may choose up to

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Where in the World is ELAR: Training in Oaxaca, Mexico

By ELAR Archive|February 16, 2018|Where in the World is ELAR?|0 comments

From December 16th-22nd 2017, ELDP ran an intensive week-long language documentation training for Mexican linguists in Oaxaca City, Mexico. The training was held in collaboration with Roberto Zavala and Gilles Pollian of CIESAS Sureste and graciously hosted by Michael Swanton of UNAM at the Juan de Cordova Research Library in Oaxaca. The team representing ELDP was Mandana Seyfeddinipur, Vera Ferreira, Gema Zamora and Bill Parker. The ELDP team was excited

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A Fieldwork Account by Karen Parker

By ELAR Archive|February 8, 2018|ELDP Project Highlight|0 comments

Today on the ELAR blog, Karen Parker is sharing some deep insight on her field trip to Manipur state, Northeast India last year. Karen is an ELDP grantee working with speakers of Amailon.  To put it simply, this project was fulfilling and enriching on a personal level, beyond my wildest dreams. Having previously worked with several tribal people in North East India, such as the Tikhak, Yongkuk and Longchang among the Tangsa

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Fieldwork- What Do You Wish You’d Known?

By ELAR Archive|January 25, 2018|Linguistic Fieldwork|0 comments

Attention, Field Linguists! What do you wish you had known before you’d started your fieldwork? Last week, dozens of ELDP grant applicants submitted their applications and will be going on fieldwork in the second half of this year and next year. What advice do you wish you had received before going on your first field trip? Comment on this post to share your experiences, with the name and location of

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Publication of the First-Ever Textbook of Duoxu

By ELAR Archive|January 11, 2018|ELDP Special Event/Output|0 comments

Katia Chirkova and Han Zhengkang, two ELDP grantees, have written the first-ever textbook of Duoxu, accompanied by sound files on a CD. The textbook was funded by ELDP (MDP 0257) and the Sichuan Research Institute for the Nationalities (四川省民族研究所). Duoxu (/do³³-ɕu³³-na³¹/, Duōxù 多续 or Duōxū 多须 in Mandarin Chinese) is a little-known and virtually undescribed Tibeto-Burman language, spoken in Mianning county (冕宁县), which is located in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous

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Zoroastrian Dari Community Reaction to Chouette Films Video Installation

By ELAR Archive|January 4, 2018|ELDP Special Event/Output|0 comments

Today on the ELAR blog, ELDP grantee Saloumeh Gholami tells us about sharing this video created by Chouette Films from documentation of Dari speakers from Saloumeh’s project. Please tell us a bit about the event. What sparked it? I had sent the video to one of my colleagues who was collaborating with me on the Dari project. Two hours later, I saw that the video had appeared on various Telegram

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