Elan/Praat Machine Segmenting

By ELAR Archive|June 15, 2017|Documentation Software & Tools|0 comments

Today on the ELAR blog, Eri Kashima shares her tried and true segmenting shortcuts for depositors working with ELAN and Praat. Read on for a step-by-step walkthrough of her process:  My number one hated stage in transcription work is segmenting. I would sit there fuming while manually segmenting the recordings I made before I could even start transcribing. It was frustrating because it seemed like something that a machine could to

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FLEx Tips for New Language Documenters

By ELAR Archive|January 19, 2017|Documentation Software & Tools|0 comments

FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx) is a program that has built upon previous software designed for documentary linguists (perhaps some of you remember ToolBox)? As a result, FLEx is a very useful and powerful lexicon building tool. For those of you who have found our beloved FLEx but need a few hints to get you started, hopefully these tips will be helpful! NEW LISTS ARE AUTOMATICALLY CREATED FOR YOU If your

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Reasons you should use video in language documentation

By ELAR Archive|November 24, 2016|Documentation Software & Tools|0 comments

At CoLang this year I was invited to come and talk with the group in the Recording and using video in language documentation class. I shared some of my favourite reasons why I always try to use video in a language documentation project, which gave me a chance to mention some of my favourite research on gesture, and talk to people about their experiences with filming. I thought I’d write up four of my

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Helpful Tips for New ELAN Users

By ELAR Archive|November 3, 2016|Documentation Software & Tools|1 comments

This week on the ELAR blog, Sarah Dopierala (MA Language Documentation and Description, SOAS) gives linguists who are new to ELAN five quick tips for using the software. It is a fact well-observed that some of us are more tech savvy and some of us – not so much. For a documentary linguist trying to make the most of software like ELAN, ignorance perhaps isn’t bliss. For those of you Not-So- Much-ers

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New Catalogue

By ELAR Archive|October 6, 2016|Documentation Software & Tools|0 comments

ELAR is delighted to announce the launch of the new ELAR catalogue. On the 28th of September 2016, the new catalogue replaced the old version and can now be accessed via the URL: http://elar.soas.ac.uk/ New features include archive-wide statistics which display not only the number of downloaded files according to their access categories, but also the number of uploaded files within a select time range. These statistics can be seen

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