2019 Annual ELDP Documentation Training

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Earlier this month, ELDP brought participants from 19 countries, working on over 25 languages, to SOAS University of London for the annual week-long intensive training!

The first day was kicked off with seminars on Language Documentation and Audio Recording by Mandana Seyfeddinipur and Gema Zamora.

Mandana giving the first seminar of the training, on the importance of metadata.

We were very pleased to have former ELDP grantee Eric Campbell from UCSB joining us as a trainer. On Day 2, he gave a seminar on semantics and lexicography. Thank you, Eric!

Eric Campbell giving a seminar on semantics and lexicography.

We were also very grateful to have another former ELDP grantee Natalia Cáceres from the University of Oregon as a trainer, giving a great seminar on FLEx!

Natalia Cáceres giving a seminar on FLEx.

from front to back: Maria Kristina Gallego, Pablo Fuentes, Gian Claudio Batic, Katherine Hodgson, Darren Flavelle, Shuan Karim, Hannah Sande, Andrey Drinfeld, Oluwakayode Komolafe, Martha Tsutsui Billins

Both Eric and Natalia passed on their expertise from previous ELDP trainings to the next generation of documentary linguists.

On the Friday, after seminars on Visual mode and Language use by Mandana, Participants went out around SOAS to practice outside video recording!

From left to right: Oluwakayode Komolafe, Incamu Ray and Marie Claude Mattei Muller.

from front to back: Pablo Fuentes, Ida Sodoke Assem and Hannah Sande

from left to right: Katherine Hodgson, Sandra Auderset and Alexandrine Dunlap

The Friday ended with a dinner where participants got a chance to learn about each others’ projects while enjoying the delicious Lebanese food!:

Left: Lorena Orjuela, Erich Kasten, Leo Lukschy, Pablo Fuentes, Cristian Juárez, Alexandrine Dunlap, Nico Lehmann, Right: Gema Zamora, Agustino Kagwema, Vivane Meltzian, Katherine Hodgson.


…back to work on Saturday! The participants reviewed their videos and then learnt how to edit videos using FFMPeg with Vera and Marti.

from left to right: Marti Tsutsui, Kenneth Bodua-Mango, Ida Sodoke Assem, and Alexandrine Dunlap

Then, Eric Campbell gave a great second seminar, on mobilisation and creating community materials.

Eric Campbell giving his second seminar on mobilisation.

Marie Calude Mattei Muller and Erich Kasten.

Monday was focused on ELAN training, Collection Evaluation and Data Management by Mandana, Vera, Gema and Stephanie.

Vera’s seminar on Data Management.


Tuesday was focussed on metadata creation for SayMoreX and self-upload training for our new archiving software/platform, Preservica. Peta also gave a presentation on grant admin.

from right hand side to end of table: Ernanda, Pablo Fuentes, Vera Ferreira, Lorena Orjuela, Cristian Juarez, Darren Flavelle, Gian Claudio Batic, Oluwakayonde Komolafe, Eric Kasten, Katherine Hodgson.

Oluwakayonde Komolafe, sitting next to Gian Claudio Batic, Darren Flavelle and Cristian Juárez.

Wednesday was our last day together, which was spent learning how to update metadata on Preservica and transfer data across ELAN and FLEx with Natalia Cáceres.

Natalia Cáceres talking to Maria Kristina Gallego.

The training ended with a wonderful talk by Lissant Bolton, Keeper of the Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas at the British Museum, on Material culture and context. We will be collaborating with their <endangered material> in the future, with a joint grant with ELDP!

ELDP and ELAR would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the participants and instructors at the training this year.

From top to bottom, left to right: Agustino Kagwema, Incamu Ray, Kenneth Bodua-Mango, Gian Claudio Batic, Gema Zamora, Stephanie Petit, Daniel Steiert, Nico Lehmann, Cristian Juárez, Viviane Meltzian, Katherine Hodgson, Kanahuea Wessels, Shuan Karim, Erich Kasten, Oluwakayode Komolafe, Samuel Beer, Vera Ferreira, Ida Sodoke Assem, Ernanda, Hannah Sande, Leo Lukschy, Bibo Bai, Alexandrine Dunlap, Pablo Fuentes, Xiaoming Xu, Maria Kristina Gallego, Lorena Orjuela, Natalia Cáceres, Mandana Seyfeddinipur, Darren Flavelle.


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