Community Member Bio: Simeon Angel Martínez Torres, Pech Community (Honduras)

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Claudine Chamoreau is an ELDP grantee studying the Pech language of Honduras (ISO639-3:pay).  This highly endangered Chibchan language has around 300 speakers and is no longer spoken by young people.  In addition to producing a descriptive grammar, Claudine’s research aims to produce a large digital corpus including transcribed recordings of ceremonial speech and descriptions of cooking and medicinal practices. Claudine has generously shared some rich snapshots of her work with this language

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A Day in the Field- Andrew Harvey

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Andrew Harvey is an ELDP grantee documenting Gorwaa, (South-Cushitic, Afro-Asiatic), a previously undocumented language, spoken by approximately 15,000 individuals in Babati District, Manyara Region, Tanzania.  Please tell us a bit about where you are doing your fieldwork.  The area where my fieldwork is being carried out has traditionally been inhabited by the people of the Gorwaa ethnic group.  Following an old regional convention, I often refer to this place as

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Where in the World is ELAR: ELDP Yunnan Training

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This week on the ELAR blog, Sophie Mu recaps the Endangered Language Documentation Project training in Yunnan, China.  ELDP regularly runs in-country training courses targeting local scholars and language documenters. This year we had our first in-country training courses in Yuxi, China. ELDP and our co-host Yuxi Normal University welcomed thirty successful applicants from all over China to participate in a two-week training in Yuxi, Yunnan from October 24th– November 4th. We

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Project Profile: Documentation of the Beth Qustan Dialect of the Central Neo-Aramaic language, Turoyo

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This week on the ELAR blog, Mikael Oez writes about his ELDP project on Turoyo, a Neo-Aramaic language spoken in south eastern Turkey.  Can you give us some background on the language ecology in your area? The Turoyo language of the mountainous region of Tur ‘Abdin (the mountain of worshippers), south eastern Turkey, is known to its indigenous speakers as ‘Surayt’ or ‘Turoyo’, that is, ‘the language of the Tur

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