Reasons you should use video in language documentation

By ELAR Archive|November 24, 2016|Documentation Software & Tools|0 comments

At CoLang this year I was invited to come and talk with the group in the Recording and using video in language documentation class. I shared some of my favourite reasons why I always try to use video in a language documentation project, which gave me a chance to mention some of my favourite research on gesture, and talk to people about their experiences with filming. I thought I’d write up four of my

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ELDP Project Highlight: Documentation of Northern Alta, a Philippine Negrito Language

By ELAR Archive|November 17, 2016|ELDP Project Highlight|0 comments

This week on the ELAR blog, Alexandro Garcia-Laguia shares a look into his ELDP project. Alexandro is researching Northern Alta, an endangered language spoken along the rivers of Aurora province in the Philippines. Reconstructing an old Alta song: The speakers of Alta have reported that their parents did not teach them any songs in Alta (n_alta054.42). However, one day, at a gathering with six women in Barangay Dianed, the ladies

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Open Access and Open Data in Language Research and Documentation: Opportunities and Challenges

By ELAR Archive|November 10, 2016|Event & Training Recaps|0 comments

SOAS World Languages Institute collaborated with University and City Library of Cologne and the Cologne Center for e-Humanities to hold the international workshop: Open Access and Open Data in Language Research and Documentation: Opportunities and Challenges in Cologne, Germany from October 10-12, 2016. Open Access (unrestricted online access to publicly funded peer-reviewed publications), has become a major movement in the academic world in the past decade. While Open Access to publications is

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Helpful Tips for New ELAN Users

By ELAR Archive|November 3, 2016|Documentation Software & Tools|1 comments

This week on the ELAR blog, Sarah Dopierala (MA Language Documentation and Description, SOAS) gives linguists who are new to ELAN five quick tips for using the software. It is a fact well-observed that some of us are more tech savvy and some of us – not so much. For a documentary linguist trying to make the most of software like ELAN, ignorance perhaps isn’t bliss. For those of you Not-So- Much-ers

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