Hidden Histories #2 – Partition & Peacebuilding: reclaiming the history of British South Asians

October 21, 2021

South Asian Heritage Month (SAHM) is about reclaiming the history and identity of British South Asians. People need to be able to tell their own stories, and this is an opportunity to show what it means to be South Asian in the 21st century, as well as look to the past to see how Britain became the diverse country it is today. SOAS Decolonising Working Group (DWG) Hidden Histories A

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Hidden Histories #1 – Black British Publishing – Past to Present

September 21, 2021

To celebrate Black History Month, our inaugural session in the series will explore black literature movements and visual representations of black figures. SOAS Decolonising Working Group (DWG) Hidden Histories A seminar series curated by the Library Decolonisation Operational Group, led by Farzana Qureshi, Dr. Ludi Price, Amma Poku and Angelica Baschiera Hidden Histories seeks to highlight stories from African, Caribbean and Asian communities in the UK and beyond, bringing to light a shared

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