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Introduction to the UK parliamentary system

Get up to speed on the structure of the UK Parliament,  what it is, how it interacts with government, and how Parliament uses research. Click on the image of the slide below for an intro presentation by the Knowledge Exchange Unit (KEU) at UK Parliament or on the links on the right to access videos, summaries, slides and other resources.

How to start engaging with the UK parliamentary system as a researcher

Do you know if your knowledge, experience or research could be used to help the UK Parliamentary system review laws, policies, procedures and processes? 

The ICOP team has developed several quick and easy-to-use How-to guides for students, researchers and other university staff. 

Next-level research-led advocacy - impacting upon future legislation

What is the legislative agenda? This is government’s policies and proposed legislative programme for the new parliamentary session. The Queen’s Speech – delivered annually at the state opening of Parliament  – sets this out as a roadmap of new bills or changes to existing bills, to be debated and, in some cases, passed into law in the coming year.

Watch the 2021 State Opening of Parliament ceremony and the Queen’s Speech (at 00:19:40 – 00:28:20)

Read the 2021 Queen’s Speech in full

The ICOP team has developed resources to help you make the most of the crucial opportunity to affect legislative change when a bill passes before Parliament for review and debate. 

Watch the video on the right and learn how to read a bill and identify changes to improve it.

Download ICOP”S guide: How to Lobby for Changes to Bills and Acts of Parliament

Read about which bills are already in progress, and which areas are subject to future legislation


Monitoring your policy impact

If your briefing or evidence is aimed at improving UK legislation, the final step in turning your research into better policy is monitoring for impact. 

How do you know if MPs, peers and other policy makers in the UK Parliamentary system have engaged with your recommendations? The short video on the right sets out the brief, easy and practical ways you can look for references to your research and recommendations among these stakeholders. 

Other practical ways of tracking your impact via social media