If you would like to get your research findings into Westminster, please get in touch or send your briefing to Professor Alison Scott-Baumann. You can download the SOAS ICOP Briefing Template and Instructions here and the Introducing SOAS COP and 9 Month Review will give you a good overview of our work. 

Our briefing on Lobbying and Activism explains how SOAS ICOP works and why the form of direct lobbying that we are pioneering is vital to our democracy.

Click on the named links below to download briefings.

1 Year Review SOAS ICOP

9 Month Review SOAS ICOP

Introducing SOAS COP, The Need for Direct Lobbying by Universities

The HE free speech bill must incorporate the Equality Act (July 2021)

Starvation Crimes as War Vs Democracy in Tigray

Pro-Palestine Activism and Prevent

For COP26 Britain Must Host the Most Ambitious Climate Change Conference Ever

Higher Education Free Speech Bill (May 2021)

The Experiences of Muslim-heritage Children in Care in the UK

Israel, Palestine and the Law

UK Arms Exports Control

Why dismantling rentier capitalism is the longer-term challenge of our time

Police, Crime, Sentencing and Court Bill

Cuts in ODA-funding for UKRI 2021-22

Cuts in ODA Funding for UKRI 2021-22 INFOGRAPHIC

Supporting Myanmar’s Civil Society Protest Movement – practical actions for good governance and inclusive democracy

Working Class Students are Missing Out on Key Educational Subjects

Freedom of Information Needs Urgent Freeing

Counter-Extremism: Radicalising Society against Democracy

Universal Basic Income (UBI) – the path out of the pandemic

The Broken ‘Social Contract’ – Episode 3 Housing

The Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill

The Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) Bill

Coronavirus – creating a syndemic

The Broken ‘Social Contract’ – Episode 2 Education

The Broken ‘Social Contract’ – Episode 1 Policing

Tax Avoidance and Inequality in a Time of Crisis

Perceptions of Muslims in UK HE

Muslim Children and Prevent

Impacts of the Prevent policy in the NHS

A Warning to Policymakers about Pseudo-academic Opinion that wants to be Research

Immigration and the NHS

The Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill 2020

Scrutiny of UK Aid after the DFID and FCO merger

Violence against Women and Girls Amidst COVID-19

Immigration Bill 2019-21

‘Parliamentary Eunuchs’ in a Time of Coronavirus

Submitting Evidence to the UK Parliament

Keeping faith during Covid-19

A Lack of Parliamentary Oversight in a Time of Coronavirus

Workplace Deaths Related to Coronavirus

Civil Liberties and Surveillance in a Time of Coronavirus

Decolonising Further and Higher Education

Lobbying and Activism

An Intersectional Approach during Covid-19, Disaggregating data to protect BAME

Women and Equalities Committee, Representation and Inclusivity

Women and Equalities Committee, Representation and Inclusivity (updated 4th May 2020)

Policing in a Time of Coronavirus

Freedom of speech in Higher Education

Price Hikes and Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Bill

Increased Sentencing for Terrorist Offences

The views expressed in SOAS ICOP Briefings are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of SO