More Java updates and possible issues

By df9|April 21, 2013|CMS|0 comments

There has been another Java update and some people are reporting problems with security warnings. One option is to go into the Java Control Panel and in Advanced Options –  “Mixed Code” section select “Enable – hide warning and run with protections” After doing this you should clear your Java cache ( and also clear the browser cache too. Choosing a different browser may also help. On a Mac try

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New Java Updates Available

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There have been new versions of Java released in the last few days, you may need to contact to get your versions updated if the CMS no longer works for you.

New template available

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There is a new template available which is a variation on the two column structure that a number of areas of the site use. This can be seen at: (which is using a new colour scheme on the different blocks) and at: (where a video has been added to the body field at the top of the columns but which has the standard template colours)

YouTube, Facebook updates

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YouTube All of the videos have been moved out of the CMS and they are now housed in YouTube and are then pulled back into the website from there. This means that the videos will have a much wider audience and they will also help to drive traffic to the main website. Facebook We now have an official Facebook site which is managed by Vesna Siljanovska in the Comms Office,

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SOAS on YouTube

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SOAS now has an official YouTube Channel which is at there are various lists for different departments and centres and also for a could of the more high profile event series – the Inaugural Lectures and the Globalisation Lectures. The videos that were in the CMS are being moved onto YouTube and are then pulled back into the website using Multimedia Item content items

Some recent updates to the site

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You will have noticed the new visual identity has been rolled out across the site as well as an update to the navigation which should make the site a bit easier to navigate. You may have also noticed the new rotating banners on the home page which can be used to highlight major news stories or events. New sites have been set up for the new Summer Schools the

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New website for the SOAS The Future – Beyond 2020 Project

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A new website for the SOAS The Future – Beyond 2020 has just been launched The site is password protected as it is aimed at students and staff and it will act as a source of information and as a way of giving feedback on the various parts of the project      

Welcome to the CMS blog

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This is a blog where I will let people know what is happening with the SOAS website and the CMS. The Web Policy Board (WPB) had it’s first meeting on 15th February 2012. The members are: Ms Fiona McWilliams (Chair)(Director of External Relations & Development) Mr David Christmas (Director of Student & Registry Services) Dr Mandy Bentham (Director of Academic Development Directorate) Dr Chris Ince (Deputy Secretary) Mr Martin Whiteside

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