New ‘Quick Fix’ home page a success

By df9|February 26, 2014|Design, Stats|

The project to improve areas of the site aimed at recruiting new students (home page, department home pages, degree pages, degree listing page, department listing page) is still ongoing but there have been good results on the changes that have been made so far to the home page and navigation. Since the new “quick-fix” home page and navigation were implemented on 25th July 2013 there has been a marked increase

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New home page coming soon

By df9|July 12, 2013|Design|

The home page of SOAS website will be reconfigured next week, to shift the focus to student recruitment. New functionality includes a degree finder, which allow web visitors to search all our offerings – UG, PGT, PGR, distance learning, language courses, certificates, diplomas, summer and other courses. The changes have been introduced as a result of qualitative research of SOAS web users. As part of the Web First project we

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New template available

By df9|February 25, 2013|Design|

There is a new template available which is a variation on the two column structure that a number of areas of the site use. This can be seen at: (which is using a new colour scheme on the different blocks) and at: (where a video has been added to the body field at the top of the columns but which has the standard template colours)